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    Default The Things WE do

    I know there was already a thread similiar to this but i cant find it.
    Someone droped a bag of garbage on the main street through town and had one lane inpassable. So who gets the call to go clean it up? The fire dept. like the sanitation department or the PD have so many important things to do that they cant clean it up.They're getting paid. So we take the rescue over there with a trash can from the station and begain to clean it up. I guess it could be called a HAz-MAt call due to the dirty diapers and used tampons laying all over the road. Was one of the sickest things I've ever saw. The chief of course thought it was hillarious. lol

    Things we do for the public. i cant wait to hear the talk around town about this one.
    "I truly believe that tradition is important to the long-term survival of the fire service."-Lt. Andrew Fredricks, FDNY,9-11-01

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    I am with the chief,hehehe

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