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    Default Public Safety Testing.com

    Hi there-
    Anyone have any experience with publicsafetytesting.com? Just wondering what some opinions are.

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    I haven't used it yet, but a friend of mine has. His experience was not so good. He paid a bunch of money to send his scores to everyone under the sun. Then, during part of the physical test he made some sort of small mistake and they failed him completely. So he was out hundreds of dollars. I'm probably going to use publicsafetytesting anyway but you just need to be careful. Where have you tested so far?

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    The main reason to go through "publicsafetytesting" is that more and more departments are using them as a resource pool. If you DON'T use them then you or anyone else in the region are minimizing there chances for being hired. Depends on how bad you want the job and how well you prepare yourself for the testing and the job. Our departments last firefighters were taken off the list from publicsafetytesting.

    Good Luck,

    Be safe,

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