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    Default CPAT national "registry"??

    Perhaps this is a dumb question. Is there any such thing as getting a nationally recognized score on the CPAT so that you do not have to travel over and over to take the test at different depts? I'm wondering ... if I take the CPAT at one location, could I not somehow "transfer" my score to another dept? Colorado Springs has a list of depts offering the CPAT (not just in Colorado) so that started me wondering.

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    That is a novel concept, but I seriously doubt that departments will ever get to that point. If they did ever get to that point, I can't see the results being good for very long (i.e., 6 months) because a person can really go to hell physically in a short time. Also I can see it being used for a small group of small departments very close geographically, who can monitor each other closely.

    Another reason I don't see it happening is that most departments are very focused on doing things 'their way'. Most don't care how they did things in XYZ... "You're applying for ABC Fire Department now." Regardless of that standard of the test.

    The real beauty of CPAT for departments as an entry exam is that it has been tried and validated many times over, so the risk of legal troubles is significantly reduced from an applicant who questions it.
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