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    Default FAST Team Identifiers

    My department has one of the few FAST Teams in our county. The questioned was raised about how to identify the FAST Team members, equipment, staging area and especially their egress ladders when they go mutual aid. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas that they have tried? We are a on a very limited budget, so the lower the cost, the better. Thank you.

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    Go to the forums in www.rapidintervention.com for more info on this subject...
    James K. Crawford
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    Default Identifiers

    Identification of FAST members: To date, we have not needed to identify, most of the responses are to out side departments and the Fast is known by the primary department. The use of identifying markers, they have to be handed out or carried on many apparatus, and what is the cost. Too many department are spending thousands of dollars on gimmicks, (special tarp, flags, airpacks covers, arm bands) for identification. Do you identify suppression, ventilation, or rescue crews with banners and flags? (Not including east-coast helmet shields or Boston & San Francisco helmet paint). Then there are the companies that spend about $3000. For a special airpacks, when you can use an extra one off the rig. But if you plain on some type of markings make them you self, or find some in you community to help you. You never now what you will find until you ask. The cheep blue tarp marked FAST / RIT would cost you about $10.00. One purchesed from a company could cost you $50. to $100. what would you spend? Well good luck. Remember keep it simple, If you spend all your time getting banners and flags out. You might delay your response when you are needed the most. TIME IS YOUR ENIMY! Be their, ready to help out. RDL

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