charlotte last weeks good ones pineville matthews road at johnson road. 2 story wood office use. large number of calls sent working fire box to the scene. heavy fire top floor and roof. 3 lines used control in 40 min. engines24,32,16,20 ladder 24 rescue 3 bc 5 ,4 80.000 damage
2nd alarm cricket wood drive. 2 story wood condo complex fire showing through roof on arrival. second sounded on arrival. some 2nd alarm units held at staging. good searches all neg. rescue 3 on roof cut off fire. 8 engines 2 ladders 1 rescue 3 bc on scene 100,000 damage.
3829 n. sharon amity road. 1 story wood house real old. fire showing out 3 windows on arrival all searches neg. on injuries damage about 60,000 engines 23,15,3,ladder 23 bc4 w/f rescue 3 engine8,14 bc 1 engine 18 to station 23 cover up