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Thread: Retirement?

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    Default Retirement?

    I'm a NY vol firefighter and president of our fire company. I understand that Vermont passed a retirement for their vollys and I was wondering if anyone could let me know who to contact to see what I would have to do to get the ball rolling here in NY too. MY reg email is: bobn1@mhcable.com

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    That's news to me! More likely that individual departments or maybe a firefighters' association set one up, though I haven't heard of it. Certainly not likely that the state did anything.
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    I agree it is news to me as well.

    The only thing that was done was a death benefit in the amount of $50,000. for a Line of Duty Death. The funding for this was an issue however the State Treasurer (who is now Governor - Jim Douglas) at the time was able to come up with a way with which to fund.
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