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    Default What does your department use for a Hazmat rig?

    My department is full-time and serves a population of 300,000. We have a regional Hazmat team, and we are outgrowing our Hazmat trailer. I would like to know what other departments of our size (or larger) are using. Please advise:

    1. What type of truck do you use?
    2. Do you have any digital photos of its exterior/interior?
    3. Are these photos on the web to be accessed?
    4. What would you change about your Hazmat rig, given the chance?

    If you have photos, but no web site, please send them to:


    Thank you!

    Brett Brown
    Hazmat Tech.

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    Default Hazmat Rig

    We have a dedicated truck, a old pepsi delivery truck.
    We also have a huge trailer that is pulled by or Pickup an
    a Hazmat C/C truck. i think having a truck is much better.
    Right now the owers that be are talking about getting a
    Tour bus and get rid of the C/C and our Pepsi truck. Now I
    agree that we need to get rid of the pepsi truck, but I think
    that we need to get a Heavy rescue combo walk in/around truck.
    We cover Hazmat for 3 counties and some are pretty rural and i
    don't know how well it sill get around.
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    link to our rigs, the command post has
    just been replaced, and bid opening is
    tuesday the 18th for the new rescue


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