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    Default LP Gas and Carbon Monoxide Testers

    What are some good gas testers and how do they work. I was mainly needing a handheld LP Gas meter and a carbon monoxide detector. I know nothing about them. Can someone give me a quick crash course on these devices or give me a link to a site that does

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    FiremonEMT- check out BW Technologies they're based in Canada, but have distributors all over the world.

    The website has links to their products, product brochures, user manuals, etc. (All available to download in PDF format)

    Really easy detectors to use and operate.

    With regards to your queries regarding specific gases, your LPGas will generally be detected by a flammable gas detector and is referred to as LEL measuring.

    Flammable range means the range of flammable gas or vapour (% by volume in air) in which explosion can occur upon ignition. Expressed by Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) and Upper Explosive Limit (UEL)

    Someone help me out- this is hard to explain!!!

    Stay tuned Firmon, I'll track down some more info to try and explain it better and help you out....

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