I need information on my father, William Dixon, Sr. I am trying to find any pictures, articles, memories, etc. He worked in Baltimore City at three engine companies that I know of, Engines 2, 26 & 14. He graduated from fire school on November 28, 1961 and started working with E-2 from 1961-1980. In 1980 he made Pump Operator and went to E-55 as a floater inthe Old 10th Battalion. Then in the early 80's he went to E-26. In 1987 he was with E-14 until he retired in 1994. I do know that he worked with Francis Kemper, Bill Bell, Freeberger, Ronald Hines, Wally King, Frank Johnson, Lt. Kemper, Chief Moses and Moller and Lt. Cox to name a few.
If anyone has any information or knows anyone who may, please send me an email. I appreciate anything you can get me.

Thanks again!

William & Angela Dixon