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    Unhappy Equipping new apparatus with no money

    Fella's my volunteer department recieved a grant from the state of Alaska for a new engine/tender. This is really great, since our newest piece is a 1994 KME Renegade pumper, the rest of the fleet is some 20 years old. The new pics we have seen of our 2000 gal engine look very nice and it too will be a KME with delivery expected early May.

    My real dilema is the fact that we have been told we need to outfit our rig at virtually no cost to the department AKA for free. I have a few ideas like doing the grant thing from Fema but not exactly dependable because we probably are all in the same situation. I also thought about sponsorship, you know like race cars. I think this could be the way to get what we want with only minimal effort. Now I'm not saying that we put huge banners or stickers on the sides of our apparatus but maybe a few small magnetic decals that can be placed out of the way but still provide visibility for our safety and still give our sponsor credit. I want to make a chart with pics of the types of equipment we need and how many of each and also the price for one or all depending on how much they want to sponsor. We could also give them (the sponsor) honorary fire dept membership with a certificate and also invite them to functions and send them aquarterly newsletter.

    These are just a few ideas that I am stirrng up that also may help others in this same situation. If anyone has any good ideas or has had this problem pleas email me or reply to this post. I'm trying to have this complete for the meeting on Tuesday March 11 but I will take any info afterwards as well.

    Thank You

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    I like the honorary membership idea. Perhaps you can find something for them to contribute besides money too. Find out what their skills are and see if they can be utilized by the department.
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