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    Talking You betchyah

    Well someone had to get the first post and since I lived there for 4 years while I was an AF firefighter at Minot AFB, I guess I'll be the dumb one.

    Besides most people in ND are either busy digging out from snow drifts, ice fishing or eating lutefisk, and not really concerened about the darn internet.

    "Its Not Canada but you sure as hell can see if from there".
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    You blew it, We were going for NO POSTS, oh well. Thanks for the start. Glad that people speak up for us. Seems not too many people are concerned with ND. But where would they be without the wheat to make bread, the barley to malt into beer, the milk for cheese, or the sunflower seeds to spit?
    D. Hager

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