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    I came across this article on MSN, and figured I'd share it. It seems to be focused on getting bigger arms, but I think it may benefit most people by breaking them out of their normal routine, which can help gain strength when nothing seems to be working. Anyway, here it is if you're interested:

    Add One Inch to Your Arms in 3 Workouts

    (The link is working now.)
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    So step one of my Add One Inch to your Arms Workout is to take two weeks off all strength training. I can hear the groans now. "But I need to work out three times a week." No you don't.

    DAMMIT!!! i...just...can' my only question is wouldn't you lose at least an inch if you stopped working out for two weeks?? oh well, it looks like a good workout, but don't know if i could stop "over-training" myself..

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