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    Default FH.com reports: Houston Vote of No-confidence in Chief---NOT!

    A few months ago the IAFF national leaders, local Union president and FH.COM reported that Houston Firefighters would soon vote against their fire chief. Funny thing, all these months later, no follow up story. Would you like to know what is going on? Not what was reported?

    HFDís Union leadership has tried for four months to get its members to come to the union hall and vote out their chief. Funny thing, only a small part of the membership ever got together to vote. They couldnít even get 1/3 of the members to vote. Even that 1/3 did not vote even 50% against the chief.

    Here we are four years without a contract or a raise. Parity between PD and Fire is so wide now it will never close. Lousy union leadership with todayís economy will insure no raise or a contract for at least 2 to 3 years. PD on the other hand passed a huge contract. It is all about leadership or lack of it. Fire took a negative tact and PD took the positive road.

    FH.com and the national union at that time said they would get the Four Leaf Towers LODD report buried so no one could ever see it. Of course that never happened either.

    Funny how a headline one minute is not followed up on isnít it? Just a couple months after the story an HFD fire officer left his crew in a fire, again with real bad consequences. Another highrise fire, again, resulted in crews not staying together.

    Could it be the membership needs to look at itself not the chief?

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    Angry umm....troll

    Tell me this is a troll not a fireman!!!!!! This is not a good forum to air Houston FD's dirty laundry. Handle this kind of stuff in house....
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    Arrow Now that you mention it....

    Watch your fingers...

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    If you just ignore Larry, he will go away. He feeds on getting people worked up ... just ignore him.

    Stay Safe

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    Awful short post for Larry....................

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    Why? It's not like you're going to visit me! But I'm near Waco, Texas


    speaking of houston, any predications on how the texans will do this year?
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