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    Ok here it is in a nut shell, my dept has a comming up chief that know 1 wants, we want to vote him out but the person that might run against him only wants 1 year. so the dalema is the ***. chief would only get 1 year as chief, any 1 have a by-law that states that he would be able to serve for the 3 years if so would love to see it.

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    IF I understand correctly you want the Assistant Chief to be able to serve a full 3 year term starting when another Chief steps down? I have never heard of any rules that allow this. I know ours do not allow this. When someone leave in mid term, a replacement serves only for the unexpired portion of the term.

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    Sounds like your department needs to look into some changes in it Constitution and By-Laws. Good luck with your situation.

    It is a shame that politics can play a bigger part than response and responder safety.

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