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    Default American Genesis Equpt.

    HI everyone.
    I'm not trying to start a brand x v/s brand y debate. I'm lookin for pros and cons of American Genesis equipment from people who have used it. Be safe.

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    We currently use the Genesis tools and we love them. I first used them in 95 when I went to an extrication school in Dayton, Ohio. We came back from the class with a lot of information, and tried to pass it on to the others. It took an officer going to the same class 3 years later to say the same stuff we did for something to finally happen. We did a lot of research on all the tools that were available and set up demos with each one.

    We felt that the Genesis system was the most versatile and would work the best for us. We haven't regretted that decision yet, and I don't think we ever will. Sure someone may come out with something else down the road that we will like better, but you will have that with anything you purchase.

    We purchased a set of tools for each station, which includes power unit, spreaders cutters and rams. We also recently added the airbags at one station. One of our mutual aid departments also purchased new tools a couple years ago, and went through the same process and also purchased the Genesis system.

    Bottom line- Do your research on all the tools available. Set up demos for everyone to have the chance to use each tool. Talk with anyone you may run mutual aid with. See what they use and why. Maybe someone else will be doing the same thing you are and maybe you can cut down on the price if you are buying multiple units. Don't get the one that is "the best". Get the one that will work best for you.......

    Good luck........

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