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    Talking anyone here on chicago FD or has visited chicago? need help!!!

    Hey everyone
    I work for fire dept in NJ and was planning on visiting a friend in chicago..
    anyone have any recommendations on where to go and what to see?
    my sister said she wanted to see where backdraft was filmed..does anyone know exactly how to get there?

    thanxs in advance!!


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    911 N. Sycamore St. Yep, that's really our address.



    I would refer you to the Illinois threads in the US States section. THis question was asked there and, I think, satisfactorily answered (thank you MIKEY).

    Also, Backdraft was filmed in several different places around the city; plus I think a few shots were filmed in Canada if I remeber right (damn cannucks). If you want to see something, try going to the Fire Academy.
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