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    Default Hose load Designs

    Are fire department is just starting the process of
    buying a new pumper. I was asigned to investigate hose load designs.
    I remember reading in a fire publication an artical about hose hoad designs. If anyone remembers which mag it was could you pass it along. I beleive it was fire-rescue but am not sure. My question is if anybody has any ideas or websites that I can go on to get ideas it would be a great help.

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    I believe Fire Engineering had an article about it. I think it was a part of a series of articles dealing with specs for a new vehicle

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    Are you asking about hose bed design or hose load design?

    Knowing what kind of hose load that you are going to use depends a lot on what type of truck you are going to get and where the pump is located. The first thing that you should do is scrap everything that had been done in the past and start over. Find out what you NEED for hose and be prepared to back-up all of your findings.

    For example: Does your city have fire hydrants? How far apart are they? What is the safe minimum amount of supply line that certain trucks should have? Why? What roll does that truck play on scene and is that appropriate.

    On my fire department we only need to carry about 600 feet of LDH on our first out pumpers, but we carry about 800 to 1000 feet. Just incase. We also just recently moved our apartment bundles to the hose bed so that all of our hose is located in the same place.

    Some other things to think about that may change the design of your hose bed are: What kind of pump; rear mount, mid mount? What style of truck; rescue, rescue/pumper, plain pumper, tanker? How high is the hose bed going to be? If it is over 6 or 7 feet off the ground how easy is it going to be to grab the end of the hose and wrap the hydrant? How easy is it going to be to reload? Around here we reload a lot of hose. Thatís always a tough job with the really tall beds.

    One of the things that I have found to be of great help is to find neighboring departments that are similar to yours and look at what they have. It may surprise you, and bring a camera. You wonít regret it.

    Iíve listed some websites that may help you find what you are looking for.


    or just search Google with "hose bed"

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