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    Unhappy Can't we all just get along!!!

    I posted a thread asking for any advice or concerns over a mid mount.
    Though I did receive some good advice, it seems that it was shut down due to people that can't give advice without taking shots at others. I appreciate all that tried to help, and I am sorry for posting a topic that caused so much controversy. With the problems the world faces and the dangers that us "brothers" may encounter in the not so distant future, I would hope all this name calling and backstabbing is all in good fun.

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    ugyfd304 - yes, it is a shame that "adults" can't speak (type?) without insulting someone who has a different opinion. I understand the WebTeam's position, but wish the people who continuously act this way would get banned.

    I also was enjoying the advice as we also are looking at a new aerial in the near future.
    "This thread is being closed as it is off-topic and not related to the fire industry." - Isn't that what the Off Duty forum was for?

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    Default Aerial Issue.

    I'm gonna make this brief. You should buy what you're (you and your co-workers) comfortable with. I personaly believe E-One is the best thanks to short side-setting jacks and aluminum construction. There are alot of people who like steel better. Does'nt mean they are wrong or vice versa. Look at whats on the market and judge all makers. Don't let some moron tell you to only talk to a short list of makers.TALK TO THEM ALL. You'll be better educated on the issue, help decide what you need, and if someone asks you in the future you will be able to help them. With that said, I still prefer E-One aerials.

    Stay Safe All.

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