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    Post RIT/FAST Training?

    Question: Is There Mandate Training for a RIT/FAST
    Team?- or do Depts, go on there own SOP/SOGs-
    also if anyone knows of NY State Mandates!
    Thanks, keep safe.

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    There is no mandate. NFPA standards reference rapid intervention teams, but unless your locality has adopted these as law, they do not have enforcement status. OSHA merely requires the famous 2-in/2-out.

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    Default FAST Training in NY

    The New York State Fire Academy in Montour Falls and Camp Smith offer a two day course in FAST training. It is a week end course being offered 8 times this year. You can go to www.dos.state.ny.us/fire/firewww.html to get more information about the class in Montour Falls or Camp Smith. This class is also offered at the county level by Office of Fire Prevention and Control instructors. There is also a one day course on firefighter survival offered. My department requires both classes to be considered for our FAST team. As far as a certification from the State of New York, I have not heard of one, yet.

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