The management at my dept is beginning a study to address the current and future needs of the dept when it comes to staffing, station locations, etc. They have announced that they wish to use the "Oregon Fire Resource Deployment Standard (OFRDS)" as the basis for determining our needs. Three things concern me about this:

A. Oregon is a long way from Texas,
B. This is management's idea, so it can't be good, and
C. It is my understanding that the OFRDS was written before OSHA 2-in/2-out and NFPA 1710, so it may already be obsolete.

I would like any comments that anyone with any familiarity has to this standard, so that we can plan how to address the issue. Is this a good standard, a bad one, will it help us/hurt us, etc. Thanks for your help...

Jason Hearnsberger, Secretary WPFFA