With the threat of terrorism and the budget cuts the Pataki administration has proposed for health car and emergency services here in New York State, I believe if these cuts are allowed to go through while Pataki's millionaire friends are allowed to continue to live high on the hog at the expense of public safety, the casualty rate, I fear, will be much higher than that experienced in New York City alone on 9-11 if emergency rooms are forced closed along with key fire companies in cities around the state. Where I live in Western New York, I am about an hour's drive from Buffalo, one prime target of terrorist plans and less than an hour from Rochester, also another prime terrorist target, both due to their industrial plants, and Buffalo, due to the fact that it is still a vital railroad center as well as retaining some industrial plants. Both cities are prime targets. If any more of the emergency rooms and/or whole hospitals are forced to close because of the Pataki budget cuts, where are patience supposed to go? The hospital in Warsaw,NY could not handle them all, nor could Batavia,NY, and yet Pataki sees fit to cut in areas of public safety where the most people benefit instead of making the wealthy pay more. I think this nonsense of playing Russian Roulette with people's lives has gone on long enough. A glaring example is the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor cruisers that came out with exploding gas tanks when hit from behind. That police officers died as a result is inexcusable. Unless Pataki wants to be recalled from office, I would strongly suggest that the practice of using emergency service personal for expendable pawns be knocked off.
God bless.