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    Post Fire Fighter Book CLub

    Hey, i have read a few books about fire fighting. Not like how to do it, but stories about big fire, ect....
    I figured here we can post good books we've read, for anyone else interested out there.

    I have read:

    Last Man Down-(8)Written by the FDNY Bat. 11 cheif on his survival of the worl trade center collapse, it was a very good book!

    3000 Degrees-(10) This book is on the big wharehouse fire in Worcester Mass. that took the lives of 6 fire fighters. The autor did an exelent job writing this book, i have only 1 more chapter to go, and so far, it was one of the best books i've read.
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    KVFCJR, and others, I would enthusiastically recommend any of Leo Stapleton's books. I have every one in his collection, some personally signed, bought at some of the various stem shows. He is a fabulous storyteller, and all of his books are extremely entertaining. Plus, you can pick up a lot of knowledge, the kind of which may or may not be found in the conventional textbooks. If you read them in chronological order, although not necessary, it is even better. My favorites are his first 2 books, "30 Years on the Line", and "Commish". Also, no fire book collection is complete without Dennis Smith's "Report from Engine 82" A classic, although somewhat dated. I have quite a collection of firematic books, and they are all pretty good. DMC publishing has many titles to choose from, and their ad usually appears in Firehouse Magazine, and sometimes Fire Apparatus Journal.
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    "The Loo" and "The Blackened Shield", both by Don Whitney, are both great reads. I would give them an 8 or 9.
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    I received a book for Christmas, called Fire Lover.
    It is about John Orr, A fire investigator from California, that was convicted of setting several fires,some of which people died. Very good book, especially if you saw the movie on HBO last year called "Point of Origin", it was based on a novel Orr wrote.
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    For a good wildland book, check out FIRE ON THE RIM by Stephen Pyne. He's done several scholarly books as well, although I haven't had a chance to read those.

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    I read The Smokejumper a good book about two smokejumper firefighter's I give it a 8 1\2 and The Fire Inside true story's told by firefighter I give that a 10

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    PLEASE, keep reading books, it is supposed to help with your grammar.

    look up anything by Enid Blyton.
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