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    Anyone have any good or bad experiences with AEV Ambulances, particularly those mounted on a medium duty chassis. I am looking for information on the module only, not the chassis.

    We are in the process of buying a new vehicle and like Horton, but they are a lot more money. Any help would be appreciated.

    P.S. Please keep this from being an all out fight over who's better.

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    we came down to a Road Rescue and Horton about a year and a half ago......we looked at an AEV and didnt care for the "chinsyness" of the inside compts.........the way the outside doors felt when you closed them .....and they love to put interior compts everywhere .... you wont have a shortage of those for sure. A service I work for just purchased one last August and it is ok ....... and they like it but do to some politics it wasnt the rig they wanted either.......We chose the Road Rescue and the main reason we didnt go with Horton was cost......we LOVE our RR and I also forgot to mention that we have these units where I dispatch and they appear to be "Down' ALOT ....for that if you want more information PM me or email and I will get you in touch with the person who can give you more info about that aspect ........ bascially ........dont like em
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    Question New to me

    I have not heard of AEV as a builder. Out of curiosity where are they built? Must be closer to there than here.

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    AEV is built in Jefferson, North Carolina.

    I had a favorable experience with a Type II from them a few years back.

    The one service I work for bought a Type III - E350 from them 2 1/2 years ago. We hate it. This one was poorly built. The back doors are out of square, one of the nader pins for the back door was delivered severly bent and we were told it couldn't be fixed at the time. It was delivered without some of the specified equipement. We have numerouse rust spot/paint bubbles on most of the seams on the compartments and doors.

    In my opinion Horton is well worth the money. (In fact they low bid our purchase but AEV promised 90 days to deliver. It ended up taking almost as much time as Horton anyway.) I have had nothing but good experience with them over the past 10 years.

    The other service I work for has 3 medium duty Hortons on Freightliner chasis. They've had the oldest one for about 2 years now. Very happy with them.

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    Not to drag the thread too far off topic, but have you looked at WheeledCoach ??

    The county I run in has gone 3 for 3 with WC over the last 3 years and all of us love them. Can't say honestly how they compare $$ wise because WC holds the VA state Ambulance contract and as such we get a fairly good discount on price. But I have nothing but good things to say regarding the product itself and the service after the sale.

    We ended up needing a few interior compartment & shelving alterations after taking delivery (due to poor specs on our part). The Wheeled COach sales rep had everything fixed to our satisfaction in a matter of days at no extra charge. Can't beat that.

    The 2002 Ford/WC shown here cost just under $87,000 (Including Aftermarket install of Cell Phone, Radio Equipment, and Lettering) (Scroll down page, Look for Med 3)
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    Post Apples to oranges

    Comparing an AEV to Horton or R/R is a bit unfair. It's kind of looking at a Chevy Impala and a Lexus. Both will get you where you want to go but the price difference and the quality are quite a bit apart. We purcased a new bus about nine months ago and had all the manufacturer's reps all come at the same time. We backed them all up side by side and did some serious "door slaming and tire kicking".
    It really gives you an up front comparison and makes the dealers put their best foot forward. After you look at enough new rigs they begin to all run together if you don't do a side by side comparison.
    We ended up with a Braun and are very satisfied with it. We looked at AEV, Horton, R/R,W/C, ALF,and a couple more that I can't recall.( That was pretty impressive with them all backed up to the truck bays!) Braun gave us the best deal for the buck for what we wanted in the vehicle. There was also a trade show coming up and they fancied it up a bit if we let them take it to the show.So that ended up as a win-win for us both.

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    We had and AEV as a backup and sold it because it constantly broke (interior parts not chasis) However a local FD just bought a new McCoy Miller Its the Richmond Ohio one at the bottom very nice with reach thorough compartments..

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