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    Post Extrication Equipment for 2003 Fire Grant App.

    We are looking into purchasing Extication equipment through the 2003 Fire Grant. I really could use some help on the narritive portion for this equipment. Reading through the forum I see there have been some successes in the past. If anybody has any suggestions or a copy of a successful narritive they would be willing to share. It would greatly be appreciated. I may be reach via e-mail at


    Thanks for the help.

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    Default I'm starting to sound like a broken record...

    Go to www.dragonflynet.com

    Rodney has several successful narratives including our 2001 for extrication equipment.

    I just attended another one of his classes and he warned everyone to look but not copy.

    Just make sure you show real need, not just "Hey, we think it's time we get new equipment." Also make sure you have your share (10% or 30%)now. Tell FEMA how you are going to pay your share, savings, etc., not, "Well if we win we'll have a few dances, bar-b-ques and boot drives to find the money."

    There have been several instances where FEMA pulled back the grant for lack of the match.

    Good luck.
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