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    Default What Happens to Fire Depts. When Two Cities Merge?

    I'm wondering what happens when two cities consolidate(one having some full-time paid FF's & some volunteer FF's, the other city all volunteers) Do the fire depts. remain seperate, do they join and pick one chief, do they train together now, etc.? (also curious about the police depts. if anyone knows)

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    Batesburg and Leesville here in SC merged a few years back, and forced the police, fire, and other city agencies to merge as well. The police merger went as smooth as expected,in as much as the two agencies actually had a good working relationship. The two fire departments were often at odds when seperate, but have actually worked together pretty well. They created an overall department chief (vol), a paid inspector, and the two stations have their own officer structure. Evidently something has worked, because since the merger the department has been able to upgrade equipment they were unabvle to upgrade before.

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