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    Question How & what to do to train

    I've applied for a couple of jobs at fire departments, but I'm somewhat worried about the physical part of the application process.

    I know what I'll have to be doing in the agility tests, raising ladders, pulling charged hose, climbing ladders, rolling and unrolling hose....pretty typical stuff.

    I'm in decent shape. I ran track and such in high school...of course, that has been almost 10 years ago (gee whiz!)

    I don't have any weight equipment, or a gym membership, and I can't afford one either.
    I'm thinking I'll have one of these tests in a month or so, perhaps longer, I don't really know yet. The other will be a year from now.

    I need to do something quick and dirty to get ready for this first test. I know it takes a long time to get in shape and such, but could someone give me examples of things I can do to get the major muscle groups ready for this?

    Thanks a million.


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    I don't know if this will help you but there is a book written by a FDNY firfighter called train-for-life you can buy it on amazon (well thats where I bought it) it helped me alot with getting into shape for my physical for the FDNY, it has routines and alot of other information as well.... Hope it helps - GOOD LUCK on your physical!

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    if you have no exercise equipment AT ALL you should be able to run as much as possible, if you have any kind of pull up type bar you can use that, push ups, sit ups, lunges with any kind of weights you can use (water bottles, etc.) if you do a search there is also a link in one of the posts i put up here a few months ago i got from someone on here that shows workouts that you can do with or without weights. good luck with it and just remember, use what you can!

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