Survival Tips for 21MAR03:

Since September 11, 2001 numerous warnings have been disseminated
regarding probes of local fire & rescue services by what may be
terrorist planners. Many of these alerts describe men, of possible
middle-eastern descent, attempting to obtain information about the
policies and procedures used by firefighters and EMTís.

The fire & rescue services throughout this country must guard against
the release of inappropriate material. In a recent television news
interview, one agency displayed much of the equipment and detection
devices carried to handle a chemical or biological incident. In
addition, the location of the response unit carrying this equipment was
also provided in the interview.

In an effort to reassure our local communities, officials must ensure
that sensitive material relating to policies, procedures, and
capabilities is not disseminated. At no time should the location of
hazardous material response units, technical rescue units, command and
control vehicles, or other specialty units be broadcast. Breaching
operational security is considered a mortal sin within the law
enforcement, military, and intelligence communities. Such a breach can
cost the lives of firefighters, police officers, and EMTís.

Many agencies still believe that terrorism will not find its way into
their small community. The probability of an international terrorist
group targeting your small part of the world is small. We must, however,
be aware that sympathetic individuals or small groups may act on their
own. It can happen anywhere! To believe otherwise is irresponsible.