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    Question Exchange programs or "working visits"

    This is a spin-off from the station staffing thread.

    I was wondering how many of your departments are willing to allow ride-alongs, or host visitors, from out of state? I'm in an area of low call volume, and would really like to see how another VFD works and run a more than one or tow calls/week.

    If your department does host visitors, what are they allowed to do?

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    Default Ride-a-longs

    I don't know what area you are in but, if you have a large city dept. near you, I would suggest doing ride-a-longs with them. I am in the St. Louis area and occasionally get the chance to ride with them. We aren't allowed to go into working fires but, do get in to do overhaul and some small fire. You do get a lot out of watching them work though and it is a great all-around experience with the city guys.
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