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    Question training issues

    Ok, i am a female ( i am only 5'3" which makes it worse) from a small rural fire department, we are all vol. and we do not submit a budget to the state, so we jst recive the alloted amount of grant form the state, we do alot of fundraisers and have alot of community support.
    I am currently taking firefighter 1 classes and my instructor has made some comments about my fire department and that i am a female, and has singled me out. what should i do? my email is

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    Default Keep your chin up.

    Talk to the chief or an officer of your department about it. Tell them what was said and how it made you feel. Let them decide how to handle it.

    Without knowing what was said, it would be best to let them evaluate it.

    A word of advice would be to put your thick skin on.

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    It's a shame that this behavior is taking place in the home county of the National Fire Academy. If the chief officer won't do to a lawyer.

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    I think I would first mention to the offender that you don't appreciate the way you're being treated. I expect this would solve most problems. Maybe the offender doesn't realize his comments upset you. He may just be trying mess with you a bit. I don't condone this behavior but since we really don't know what was said or the context in which it was intended it becomes difficult to reccomend a course of action.

    If this doesn't get you anywhere, I would run it up the chain of command really fast. At least this way the offender can't say you didn't tell him to stop.

    Good luck.

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