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    Default Letters of Congressional Support?

    I just finished submitting our application. On the confirmation page, there is an address to send "letters of congressional support".

    What is this? Is it a letter from your congressional reps stating that you should get a grant? Or is it just support for this program in general?

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    It is a letter from your congress person saying what a great bunch of people you are, how much you help the community, and that you should get the grant you want. Multiply this by the 20,000 applicants and FEMA gets buried in paperwork. Some poor clerk has to open, read, reply, and file each letter of support. Every member of congress would like to say, especially around election time, that their letter of support helped secure funding for a fire department in their district. These letters do not play a part in determining if you get a grant of not.

    I informed my represenatives office that we applied for the grant but told the staff person that a letter was not necessary. It is not a bad idea to let the staff know you are applying-in the event you get a grant the congress person may want to get some press on how the bill they supported has brought money into the district.

    In our case, the first year we had a letter sent and did not get a grant. Last year, no letter and we received a grant. It had to do with how well I wrote the narrative, or in the case of the 2001 grant, how badly I wrote the narrative.

    Good luck on your FIRE grant.
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