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    Default Home Made CAFS unit

    Has Any one ever built there own home made CAFS unit. One of our fire firefighters has be pondering the idea. His idea is to get a class A foam portioner and and a used air compressor and of course the right plumbing and gauges. As we talked it over it seemed kinda simple to make and would cost ALOT less then buying a new one. I was just wondering if anyone had built one or had any ideas on how to build one. Thanks.

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    "Kinda Simple" maybe going out on a limb. If you are using it for structural attack you will need 40 CFM for each 1-1/2,1-3/4" line. So if you want to use more than one line it will require a rotary compressor. How will you drive it? Rotary compressors require oil sumps, oil seperation systems and cooling. Your discharge pressure and your air pressure should be balanced. You will need a system to balance the pressure. The trick is making a workable AND easy to use system. Good Luck. Keep us informed.

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