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    Default Combining items in a grant

    I have a question regarding your thoughts on including more than one type of item in a grant. Specifically, what is your feedback on requesting SCBAs & one thermal imaging camera in the same grant. I know we are allowed to apply for both but are there any positive or negative consequenses in doing so.

    We are an all volunteer department serving a suburban area and have never applied for a FEMA grant.

    I would be concerned that this might be viewed by the reviewers as unfocused. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and advice.

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    I have been told to focus on the needs in YOUR department.

    In our case we are going for new PPE, SCBA's, compressor and portable radios.

    These our the needs of our department

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    Lots of awards from last year were for multiple item projects. Adding to the list of things you're asking for won't look like you're unfocused (out of focus?) as long as you back up you're reasoning for asking for all of the items by themselves. Thermal imager is easy to justify, especially of you don't have one, or are going to use it to enhance RIT. Same with SCBA. RIT is a good acronym to drop for both of these items because you can't operate a RIT without either one. Well, you can do it without a TIC, but not as safely or as effectively as with.

    If you have assessed your needs, and it is a long list, there is nothing wrong with applying for all or most of it. That doesn't mean go overboard and ask for every little thing. Especially if you are low on matching funds. A bunch of departments got dropped last year because they didn't have the funds readily available. When asked, saying your next beef and beans cookoff is where the money is coming from, isn't the answer they're looking for.

    SCBA and a compressor are a popular combo, especially since I haven't seen where anyone can refill a bottle with a straw and duct tape. Now if that compressor is trailer mounted so that it can be made available for mutual aid departments that don't have one either, that will weigh in big time because regional projects will score better.

    Good luck.


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