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    Talking Time for some Humor

    I thought it was time to see what kind of funny things have occured out there to help bring a smile to all our faces.

    So here is the deal... Tell us about a funny incident that has happened to you while doing an inspection, conducting a Pub Ed program or what ever while performing your duties.

    So here is mine...

    While performing a Life Safety Re-inspection at a church, I had had the occupants remove a deadbolt from a door in a rated hall way and cover a hole from a previous deadbolt. I entered the room and the responsible person followed. What we did not know at the time was that the maintence person had removed all hardware from the inside, e.g. no handle, door knob or anything to pull the door open with! Well neither one of us noticed this until the door had closed. So here we were in the room with no way to open the door. This was a good time to explain to the responsible party why locking hardware was not allowed on the door (it all locked from the outside, automatical, with no way to open it from the inside. That is why the deadbolt were to be removed). The poor responsible party got very red in the checks, smiled and said "hmmmm. Trapped like rats and no place to go. Good thing there isn't a fire huh!" I then made the statement... "point proven. No need to explain I think." I pulled out my leatherman, slid a blade between the casing and the door and pryed the door open. I explained to the RP that if I can not get the door open I was going to have to call my office to have someone come out to open the door for us. Thank goodness the leatherman worked. The door was fixed before I left the building.

    I hope this brought a smile to your face. I look forward to hearing your stories.
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