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    Question compatibility of class a foam brands

    Looking for info on the negative aspects related to mixing diffrent brands of class a foam such as fire-trol, silv-ex, and
    phos-chek. Several hours on-line have yeilded 0 results.

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    The way it has been explained to me is that you can mix finished products but NEVER mix foam solutions.


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    I would have to agree.

    Since we all should know a little about HAZMAT we should all know that if you mix any 2 or more chemicals together you have created something new that you don't know how it will react to fire water or anything else.

    I would say that unless you get the OK from the manufactures I would not try it. What if you put it on a fire and the mixture becomes un stable or something like that. I know that this is being extrem and I'm sure that you would be just fine doing it but you never know.

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    Hi MatSuTech,

    It is has been taught to me that you should not mix different brands of class "A" foam concentrate together. However, if in the "heat of battle" you run out of Phos-chek and the only thing available is Silv-ex, by all means put it in the tank and go back to work. When done with the operation drain the tank, flush with water and refill with a single brand again. Don't leave them sit in the tank for period of time. Use it (the foam) or loose it.

    If you are changing brands, use what you have, drain and flush what is left and then use the new foam. Remember with class "A" foam you only have to flush until water is clear.

    As a side bar to those who are using Class "A" foam concentrate, go the WFCS web site, www.fs.fed.us/rm/fire/index and verify that the class "A" concentrate you are using is their approved list of concentrates. When you get the web site click on “wildland fire chemicals” in the green box and then scroll down to the link to their qualified product list (QPL). The list has foams that are environmentally and people friendly. If a foam is not on the list, ask that manufacturer why? Something is not good about the concentrate.

    REMEMBER !! NEVER EVER MIX CLASS "A" AND CLASS "B" CONSENTRATES TOGETHER! As mixing them will become your worst nightmare.

    Hope this helps.

    Be safe,

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    Default Mixing

    I was taught back in the day that you never mix products.
    Just like Airborne said you are making a new product. Plus I was
    told that you can make "a gel mess" that can clog you pump. What
    you can do is due a few second flush between then start with a new brand. But that is what I was taught.
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