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    Default Paramedic Training

    Does anybody know how much paramedic certification helps getting on a F.D. in Mass. I am over 30, non vet, always scored high 90s on civil service tests. At this point I am seriously considering pursuing E.M.T. and Paramedic training if it will help in obtaining a job with a Fire Dept. Paramedic training is at least a one year course. Hopefully by then the State will be in better shape and cities/towns can start hiring again. Also, any opinions on non - civil service departments in the South Shore - Cape area ?

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    In my personal opinion. EMT and Paramedic training is a definite avenue to pursue. More and more departments are now getting back or trying to get back into EMS. Some departments will begin to lean heavily to already trained EMT's and medics, if for anything other than cost issues. Plus when you get hired, you have a padded resume.

    As for opinions on non civil service departments down south, I only really know about Hyannis. (is that south or cape) Hyannis is a great department with a great chief.

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    Duxbury is non-civil service. They require EMT and I would suspect that being a Medic would help even more. I had a conversation with the Chief a while back and he invited me to submit my resume for future consideration. I just got hired in Maine though so I won't be pursuing it.

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    The theme is pretty consistent nationwide, and that is the belief that training a firefighter is much cheaper than training a paramedic. If you can do the paramedic training and get any affiliation with a department, then go for it. If you haven't done much with EMS (you mentioned pursuing EMT) then you will have to gain experience as an EMT before doing paramedic. A little advice, since paramedic is very time consuming, do EMT & firefighter training at the same time, look into volunteering or even a career job as a FF/EMT before going into paramedic class. I don't know what MA's retirement system is like, but the sooner you can get in the fire service, the better. Good luck!


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    I am over 30, non vet, always scored high 90s on civil service tests.
    Your time, sadly, is about up. Most communities in the state that use the civil service system have age requirements that you must be under age 32 at the time of appointment. Many non-civil service departments hire continuously and it really is only through word of mouth because they don't have huge advertising budgets.

    As for getting your EMT, go for it. Like it has been said, it is a requirement for most departments, and a leg up on many competitors. Most people know this so many already are EMTs.

    As a personal note, you need a few years working as an EMT to get the gist of things before going to become a Paramedic. Some people feel you can do it right away but I am definitely not one of them.

    Take your time, make sure you can handle the aspects of being an EMT and if it is right then go for advanced training. New Hampshire is always an option for you as well. Get to the Fire Academy web site for NH and there si a link for the statewide entry exam that has a deadline in a two weeks.
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