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    Default Leather Boot Care

    Any one have a tip on what is the best way to keep your leather boots like new and water proof? Our department purchased LaCrosse leather boots and love them! (Will never go back to rubber)I just want to keep them maintained!

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    We have used leather boots for 2/3 years now and they are great. Caring for them is about the same as looking after a good pair of shoes.

    If mine have been given a good soaking I just leave them somewhere warm and airy and let them dry for a day or two. Don't put them next to direct heat, radiators that sort of thing, as they will crack. After they have dried, I coat them with a good shoe polish all over and just leave it at that. I never bother polishing the leather, it seems to work fine just letting the polish work in over time, which is very good if they are going to get wet again in a few days or hours. Our boots have a GoreTex liner so water getting in is never a problem, we just have to look after the outside.

    Hope this helps.
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    I use this stuff on my wildland boots, it is all natural and the heat releases the oils. They give some good tips on leather care and conditioning.

    I see no reason why this shouldnt apply to structure boots also.


    good luck
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    I generally clean my boots really well after every fire with a good stiff brush and Saddle Soap. Getting the dirt, ash, and contaminants out of the leather will help them last longer. Then I generally keep a good coat of shoe polish on them to provide some protection from things sticking to them, and a little water resistence for rain, washdowns, puddles etc.

    At fires, there is really no way to keep the leather from becoming saturated, that's why they have a gore-tex liner, so just let them dry out in a warm room, then clean and polish.

    A lot of guys walk around with scuffed up boots, all muddy, covered in grime with raw leather showing thinking it's cool and it makes them look like they've seen action ( it does ) but these are the guys that are always complaining about how crappy the equipment is (i.e. they don't care for it and it gets ruined fast.)
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