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    Default CPAT Specific Training Program

    After browsing a few threads here, I noticed a "common question" that didn't seem to have a good answer.

    Are there any CPAT / Agility Test specific work out programs / exercises I can do? YES!

    There is a professionally made guide available on the web. All of the links below will get you the same basic guide, possibly with some Agency specific cover pages.


    And there are tons of other sites hosting this same document. Just type cpat preparation guide into your favorite search engine (I prefer google) and take your pick.

    Also, Of specific interest to the Women in the audience - I found this article.
    The CPAT: One Woman's Experience
    Guy's - don't be bashful - This lady's training program has some good ideas that all can use.

    Another good site on training programs :

    Hope this helps some of you prepare for the CPAT. Wish you all the best of luck & happy job hunting.
    Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless

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    Default CPAT Training

    I have read those Training guides. There is no plan for training for the weight vest portion on the step mill. Running sprints and stairs do not prepare your spine for the impact, torsion and shear weight of the 50-75 lb. weight vest worn during the test. Not only could you hurt your spine, you could cause permanent damage if you don't prepare properly.

    Further, these are just basic weight training exercises and running. If you are a woman or a smaller man, these exercises will not train you nearly hard enough to pass the test, much less do the job.

    I find these publications worth nothing. If you are pretty big and strong already, and somehwat out of shape, this training plan will work for you. Of course, you may not even need it period. But: If you are under say 5'10" and 160, you are not likely to be pushed over the edge to pass with this type of training plan.

    I am astounded at the people who fail this test because they aren't prepared. Come on! Think! Get ready for it!

    Check this out:

    Good luck!

    Dr. jen
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    You can also gather more information on this site and hopefully you will pass.
    Good luck and take it easy as possible.

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    I used the guide provided by Orange County Fire/Rescue in Orlando, FL for their test. It was a great guide, but, as stated, I wanst at all prepared for the sheer weight of the vest. Needless to say I DOR'ed at the forcible entry station due to complete fatigue because of the extra weight of the vest . I now own a weight vest and train with a constant 75LB so when I retake it Ill be set.

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    Default Damage to spine with weight vest

    Weight vests can be very dangerous to use. I know a basketball player who wore a 20 lb, vest at a practice for 20 minutes. It doesn't sound like a lot, but force = mass x acceleration and that bending, jumping and testing with weight vest on puts alot of shearing force, axial load and torsion on the spine.

    Guess what? He fractured at least 5 vertebrae- the end plates where the discs attach top and bottom. Subsequent to that, the discs that were weakened by that original injury blew.... one at a time over the next few years. (If you don't understand the physiology of that, look up sharpy's fibers and their detachment in schmorl's nodes and end plate fratures) He has had 1 surgery so far, has another coming up, I bet he has many many more in his lifetime. He is in constant pain. He is 24.

    He played like that because some ill-informed, under educated coach thought it would "make him stronger". It ruined his life, and he never got stronger. He will never play basketball again, and may never be able to work again.

    People who just go in and take a test like the CPAT without working up to it are asking for injury! And guess what? You sign a waiver! If you get hurt, it's on YOU!

    In training, one must make use of time, the body's ability to lay down extra bone, ligament and muscle when the demand is made- through the overload principal. Each minute of training with that weight vest is precious. Take the time! Protect your spine! Or you may never get a job.

    I don't think that baskeball player will be able to much work in his life... all because of miss use of a weight vest.

    Are you listening yet?

    Dr. Jen
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