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    Question Trianing Props

    Hello everyone hoping to get some ideas from some smaller depts.I work as a career firefighter for a small combination dept., and was wanting to constructe some training props that my fire department could use. If anyone has some ideas or maybe even blueprints I would really appreciate it.Thanks and be safe

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    Default Training props

    Go to and check out the prop for removing a firefighter from a high window sill. It's a relatively small prop that can be bolted together, and therefore easily taken apart and stored against the wall. I also have some other plans of props that can be used, if you want to e-mail me, I'll try to help you out.
    Joe Matesa
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    Default Plexiglass house

    I saw a really slick plexiglass house model that somebody glued together with doors, windows and ventilation holes that open and close...worked great with a small smoke source to show ventilation techniques...

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