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    Question Age Limits

    Does anybody know of any challenges to age limits imposed by state or local agencies in regards to hiring firefighters / police officers ?
    It seems that differnet communities have different limits. I have found only one study done by or for L.A. police the concluded there were more injuries in hires over 34. I do not understand how age limits can be imposed without some sort of info to justify them. For example : excessive injuries, not having enough time on job for retirement, etc. Even with that info to classify one as part of a group based on age seems like age discrimination. I know people that are 20 - 25 in very poor condition. I also know someone that is 52
    and in better shape than most ( on Boston F.D, hired at age 35 - 36).
    As you may have guessed by know I am 33, just over age limit for Boston F.D. and many other great depts. in MA. I will be completing Paramedic training at end of 2003, hopefully that will give me an edge in the hiring process in communities with no age limit. As a resident of Boston, Boston would have been my first choice and I also would have received residency preference. I guess I am just an old fart. What is the age limit for entering military service. Any info on challnges, sucessful or not, would be appreciated.

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    Default Go for it!

    Is Age a Factor in Hiring?

    You don't count the years. You count the miles!

    I've coached several candidates over the age of 30. Itís not uncommon to see candidates in their late thirties or early forties hired, especially paramedics. Our oldest candidate was hired at age 46.

    Many departments have changed the age limit on hiring because of age discrimination charges. Bottom line age discrimination is against the law.

    I encourage candidates to focus on the personal life experience when answering questions in the oral board. No one else can tell your stories where your have been. Over age thirty candidates have life experiences younger candidate canít match.

    When any candidate answers a question and laces it with a story that demonstrates they have lived the experience, they seperate themselves from the other "Clone" candidates.

    I work shoulder to shoulder with candidates through the process until they get the badge. Nothing counts until you get the badge!

    Here is a testimony I recieved from one of my over 40 years old energizer bunny candidates that kept going and going and going when others would quit:

    Subject: I made it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello my friend,

    Well after 19 years of trying and testing and reading and wanting I made it. At the ripe old (i mean young) age of 41 and a grandfather of 2, I was accepted on to the Colorado Springs Fire Dept as of August 3rd 1998.

    I cannot begin to tell you how I feel after so many years of trying to reach my goal of being part of the CSFD. No other Dept would do (except as a stepping stone to the CSFD) it had to be here in my hometown and I made it.

    I wanted to send a special thanks to you for helping me reach my goal by not only your tapes, books and videos but for the encouragement along the way.

    You have helped this old man to be a very happy one and I appreciate that in you.

    I have attached a poem that my wife wrote for me that fits me to the T and many others i'm sure and you are welcome to use it in your seminars if you wish.

    Well I need to go for now. I will keep you posted on how it's all going in the academy.

    Take care, Steve Winters

    Poem Dedicated to Steve from his wife:

    At the young age of five this dream came to be The ride in the firetruck with dad was the key The excitement untold for this your searching mind

    All the firemen there such a welcoming kind To a boy so young making dreams of heart His desires of soul of firemans part His struggle through years to fill those shoes

    Again and again but only to lose At last comes the day now maturity set The call so long waited your dreams are now met "You've made it my boy" father's echo rings clear

    To your dreams at last you've now come near This five year old heart in joyfull boast I'm a fireman now what I wanted the most

    Hard work and persistance gave him his dreams At the end of the tunnel his light birghtly beams.

    If this poem doesn't get to you and light your fire . . . You've got wet wood.

    "Nothing counts Ďtil you have the badge. Nothing!"

    Captain Bob

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    Default Diesel,

    when I called 800 number to find out about career in millitary as firefighter,they told me 34.It was two years ago.May be they changed it now.Good luck

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