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    Default grass rig w/ rear firefighting positions

    I am looking for picture or explinatioin of grass rigs with some type of gaurdrail/restraint to allow firefighters to work from the bed of a pickup truck.

    The truck we are looking at would be a 3/4 ton with a flatbed and a 250 gl skid unit. Typical fires this truck would fight is field fires in the spring or fall before or after crops have been harvested. Terrain is flat and smooth. Firefighters would NOT ride in the bed on roads. All dept. around here ride in the bed of grass rigs when fighting field fire, I am looking for something increase the safety on the new truck.

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    You might want to check out www.brushtruck.com they have various styles that you might be able to get some ideas from. Good luck
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    I have actually seen them that slide into the receiver hitch and can be removed. They are as wide as the truck and they are more than waist heighth. They are then coverd with "X" type metal...also called expanded metal so noone can fall out. It actually looks like it works real good. We are thinking about making one.

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