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    Default Sars!?

    I was looking into some info on this Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome and EMS concerns. Here is what I found on the CDC website(

    "Several healthcare workers have been reported to develop Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) after caring for patients with SARS. Although the infectivity and etiology of SARS are currently unknown, transmission to healthcare workers appears to have occurred after close contact with symptomatic individuals (e.g., persons with fever or respiratory symptoms) before recommended infection control precautions for SARS were implemented (i.e., unprotected exposures). Personal protective equipment appropriate for standard, contact, and airborne precautions (e.g., hand hygiene, gown, gloves, and N95 respirator) in addition to eye protection, have been recommended for healthcare workers to prevent transmission of SARS in healthcare settings (see infection control web page). More general information on infection control in healthcare workers is available online."

    Has anyone heard any more information on risks to us?

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    Default SARS

    This has hit the Toronto area very hard, about 150 cases and 8 fatalities, with hundreds of people forced to undergo a 10 day quarantine. According to media reports here, 3 paramedics have been diagnosed with SARS and about 200 paramedics and police from Toronto and nearby York Region have had to be quarantined. The standard response to all EMS calls now sees firefighters in the bunker gear, wearing gloves and masks. Paramedics are wearing surigical type gowns, masks and eye protection, to all calls, even for patient transfers and minor calls. Masks have to be N95 rated. Among standard questions now being asked to all patients are:

    -- Have you been out of the country recently, if so where?
    -- Has anyone you live with been sick recently, if so what were their symptoms
    -- Have you been to a hospital or doctors office recently, if so when and where?

    There has been a lot of panic about the situation, some people saying not enough precautions are being taken and others saying the health officials are over reacting. There is a lot that is not known about SARS so it is very stressful for those on the front lines. If you are in good health, it can be treated successfully, and some of those first diagnosed with SARS have now been released from hospital.

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    I was told yesterday that there are @ 140 paramedics in quarantine in the Toronto area

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    hey everyone ...........rather than re-invent the wheel surf on over to the EMS General Forum here @ .........we have posted some good information over there ..........thanks
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