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    Default Scott air-pak fifty's

    a quick question, how often do the scott 4500 psi carbon wrapped SCBA cylinder's need (read here "required" )to be hydro tested?

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    Depends on serial number and year of mfg.Some of the new cf bottles are 5 yr test cycle.T.C.

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    When the Carbon bottles first appeared, they had a 3 year test requirement, just like the fiberglass bottles. About a year
    ago (+/-) we recevied a notice that DOT had decided that all new Carbon bottles would be required to be tested every 5 years. Any bottles already in use would follow their 3 year cycle UNTIL THEIR NEXT TEST, at which time they would be placed in the 5 year cycle.

    So,... call the manufacturer, give them the serial numbers, and find out when the last hydro date was. after the next hydro, they should be on a 5 year cycle.

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    Luxfer carbon fiber composite cylinders manufactured or last hydrotested after May 11, 2001, it is on a 5 year plan. If it was not, then it is on a 3 year plan.

    If you have an SCI carbon fiber composite cylinder, then the magic date is July 1, 2001.

    So simply, if the bottle was made or tested after 7/1/2001 then it is on a 5 year plan.

    You can see the press release here
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