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    Question PDA Software

    I am looking for code inspectio software for our PDAs. Without switching everything to firehouse software is there any out there that people would recommend? Expierences using them? Thanks.

    John Gannon
    Rumford Fire Department
    Rumford, Maine

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    Thumbs up Pen Tablet Computers

    We use pen tablet computers for our fire inspection.

    Key Benefits

    · Tired of writing up your inspections once in the field, and then typing them again when you get to the office? This is the answer!

    · Why not write them up right on the computer screen? ESP’s Pen-based Inspection System does just that. Carry the portable pen-based computer with you on your inspections. It’s less than 4 pounds. Write directly on the screen. When you get back to the office, everything is ready for you to print out! It’s simple and quick.

    · But there’s more. Your list of assignments is right on the screen.

    · When you’re at the property, you have all of the registration information at your fingertips. If the information changes, just write it on the screen. As you write, the computer automatically changes your handwriting into typed letters.

    · As you walk through the premises, you write your violations as you normally would, except you write on the screen. Each violation has a place to write the violation itself, the code section, and a location.

    · But there’s still more: Instead of writing down every violation in detail, the computer saves you even more time Fastcode. You get a list of your most common violations, right on the screen. To cite a violation for “Cooking Suppression System needs 6 month inspection”, just point to it on the screen. No writing – no typing! And the code section and location are filled in automatically too.

    · Some violations require that you fill in the location – there’s a shortcut for these too.

    · Also available at the touch of your pen is the Fire Code. If you have question or need to reference something, it’s right there.

    · As you finish up at the property, you can also select which notice to send to the property. All notices available with ESP’s desktop Inspection System are available for your selection, including “Notice of Violation and Order to Correct”, “Violation List”, “Order to Pay Penalty and Abate Violations”, etc.

    · When you return to your office, just plug the pen – computer into your desktop computer or network. The computer will update your master Inspection Database, and print any Notices you’ve selected. You can also select properties for your day’s inspections.

    · Offices with a large staff of inspections can assign work weekly or monthly, and download each inspection’s workload periodically.

    If you would like further information, please feel free to contact me. Thank you

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    What about EMS software for like Patient care reports, and references that are free for PDAs?
    Proud to be IACOJ!

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