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    Default Leather Boots with Gore-tex lining

    There was a thread on here about a week or so about asking about how people liked their leather boots. Needless to say, the response was overwhelmingly positive...what I noticed was several responses that said their boots (I'm talking bunker boots not the lace up style) had a Gore-tex lining which kept them nice & dry. With that in mind, I searched a few sites of boot manufacturers & couldn't seem to find who offered a Gore-Tex lining. My first thought is Warrington since they're "the Cadillac" of leather bunker boots but didn't see it in the specs.

    So...I need to know from all of you who replied that your boots have a Gore-Tex lining to let me know which brand you're using.

    Appreciate the help. Stay Safe. Thanks....

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    Over this side of the water, my service uses Tuff-King firefighting boots. These come with a GoreTex liner.. I have had mine for about 4 years now and never had a problem with them. I would seriously recommend these boots to anyone. Mine are like slippers.
    United Kingdom branch, IACOJ.

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    Pro Warrington Boots use Cambrelle for their liners.

    And in case anyone is interested. My PW 5000's arrived last Friday (at last !!) and I'll go barefoot before I go back to any other boot !!

    I used to wear a pair of 8" Black Diamond's and they brought me over to the Leather Forever side many years ago, but these boots are far and beyond anything else I have worn. I haven't put them on a scale, but just holding them the 5000's feel about a 2 pounds lighter !

    Admittedly Warrington boots are a little pricey - but I now believe that you get what you pay for.
    Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless

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    I've had my PW 5000 for about 3 weeks now, Havent had the chance to take em in a fire but the 4 hours i was wearing them on standby the other night were more comfortable than my station boots and weighed close to the same.

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    Actually Pro Warrington boots along with most other good leather fire fighting boots use Crosstech moisture barrier material. Crosstech is the NFPA version of Goretex.
    Lt. Dan

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