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    Unhappy Oh baby...

    im a 17yo volunteer. I ve been in an emt class for about 2 months now and were just about to wrap up the class. On wendsday of last week we went over how to deliver a baby. It was fun and all but i never would have thought that at 17 id get to help deliver a baby. Well i did, just 2 days after i learned how to. On friday at 4pm we got a call for a woman whos water that had broke. So im thinking "OH boy this is going to be fun". She hasnt started delivery yet so were goin to get stuck with her. Well anyway we got there and as soon as we got in the door the babies head had poped out...i thought it was very cool to see, a lot different than the plastic thing we used in class with the babie that was like a rag doll. So we did our thing and the paramedics took mom and baby (it was a girl by the way, born at 4:37pm)to the hospital. Two days later im at home watching tv and i hear this call go out for a 2 day old baby that was in cardiac arrest...sadly i believe this to be the same babie that i help deliver two days before.
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    Do yourself a favor and make sure that this post is not your only response to this situation. You have gone from one of the highest highs to one of the lowest lows, even though the low did not directly involve you. Talk to some people with a CISD background; if you don't know anyone, post your state and community and I'm sure some of the brother and sister jakes on here know where you can find help.

    What you have just dealt with is not easy at any age, much less 17. Be proud of the work you have done and remember that not every call is like this. Take care.
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    Sounds like you did a great job on the delivery. I was 20 when I delivered my first baby and it is such an awesome experience. Remember that God is in control at all times and we do not decide who lives and who dies. All you can do is give it your best. Hang in their and keep up the good work!
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