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    Default Building Modification Narrative

    Would anyone be willing to share their ideas for narratives for building modification. We are applying for an Exhaust removal system. Putting a narrative together but looking for ideas on wording, etc. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    Even though it's a given that sucking in diesel fumes is not really the best thing in the world, throw in some health statistics about lung disease for fun. Soot on the walls, equipment, that sort of thing. I don't think you'll have too much of a problem convincing anyone that it's a problem and you need the system, you just have to convince them that this is your only fire-related need and you can't afford it. For instance, your budget is spent on gear and other stuff, and you don't have anything left for the exhaust system. If that's the case. Don't BS, just tell it like it is.

    Good luck.


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    Our application for this year is for diesel exhaust removal and a sprinkler system. I cited a lot of high ranking authorities on health and the effects of the exhaust.

    Go to Google, type in diesel exhaust and see all the sites that have something you can use.

    But don't forget that you also have to use this year's buzz word, "terrorism" in your narrative. According to our FEMA meeting you have to tie it in somehow.

    Don't forget you only have until Friday at 5 pm.

    Good luck.
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