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    Thumbs up Prime rib...medium rare. Snakes and jellyfish...well done!

    I recently went back to the Cape (I was on vacation there last week) and took a flashover recognition course given by the Massachusetts Fire Academy. The course was given at Harwich Fire Headquarters on Tuesday, April 8th. Dave (HFD66Truck) invited me to come down on Monday night...his group was working, they were having prime rib for dinner and they had a place for me to sleep for the night (the sleep sofa in their tv room area).

    I arrived at the "Deuce" (Harwich Station 2) around 6:30 PM. Dave, Lt. Tim Jacques and Boots were in the process of preparing dinner and asked me if I would mind going to Stop and Shop to pick up some fresh green beans and some beef stock. It was not a problem, and I picked up dessert while I was there (a chocolate bundt cake and vanilla ice cream). Dave said that he would go, but they had a "drive in medical".

    Let me tell you, they eat well at the "Deuce"! Tim brought in the prime rib and all the trimmings and it was cooked to perfection! we had coffee, dessert and good conversation for the rest of the evening. Two of Harwich's finest (one of them was Dave's brother in law) stopped by for coffee.

    Everyone turned in between 11:30 and midnight. The sleep sofa was very comfortable, and I drifted into "lala land" quickly. The Duece's crew was detailed to a mutual aid run to Brewster for a reported MVA/rollover accident on Route 6 (the Mid-Cape highway) a little after 5:00 AM. I asked if I could "ride along", and went to the call with them.

    After getting back from the call, the TV's were turned onto the news for the war updates and I drifted back for a few more winks. They went to another medical call around 7:15, so I made a couple of pots of coffee and waited for them to return. The next duty group came on. I waited for Dave to come back from the bone box call and took him out to breakfast at Bonatt's restaurant in Harwich Center. After breakfast, we headed for Harwich HQ for the course.

    If you ever have the opportunity to take a flashover recognition course, do it! It was fascinating, informative and one hell of a learning experience. "Snakes" and "jellyfish" are two of the phenomena that occur as fire reaches it's rollover/pre flashover stage as the fire gasses in the simulator slowly ignite... all you can hear is the rhythmic sound of SCBA units... the fire gases ignite silently and flow in slow motion over your head. Out of the three groups that entered the flashover simulator, I think that the group that Dave was assigned to had the best fires in the flashover unit. I was in the second group and we were assigned the cleanup detail when Dave's group was done. There was smoke pouring out of the vents and at one point during the demonstration, the fire gasses in the smoke coming out of the flashover unit flashed outside of the simulator! Dave's bunker coat got a little discoloration on one sleeve and melted a bit of trim from the heat, but he did have this huge smile on his face as he emerged from the flashover unit!
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    Gonz - Is there a certification category for this class? (sounds like a lot of fun!)
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    Default Nyah; Nyah!

    Big food; big fire. Does it get any better than that?
    Gonz; you make me jealous.
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    I have been to 2 flashover simulators at different fire schools in the area. Let me tell you, AWESOME!!!! It is so amazing to watch this going on over your head. You watch in awe at the same time you feel a great sense of respect for fire when you see this going on. If you haven't seen it, it is hard to describe. The gases "dance" around the ceiling and slowly ignite in this this wonderful display, almost hypnotic in a way. Every firefighter should be able to see this and recognize the dangers that it warns about. Whenever we get a house to burn for training I always try to show this to my students. If you ever get a chance to see this, it will make a world of difference in your understanding of what is going on above when you come in crawling on your face.

    And yes, Gonzo, I'm jealous too!

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