I am a Senior in College majoring in Mechanical Engineering and I enjoy reading and studying fire fighting and currently have my application in with the local volunteer department. We my university does not offer a course in Fire Apparatus design but I have talked with the Department chair and he is allowing me to pursue an independant study in Fire Apparatus design, pending that I can create worthy 3 credit class. So I have been doing my research and have come up with this list:
a. Bulk Fluid Storage and transportation (tankers)
b. Pump design and specifications
c. Hose performance
d. Drafting Performance
e. High rise water delivery
f. Nozzles (Flog, Piercing, and Flow Rates)
g. Foam Delivery systems
h. Suspension Systems
i. Ladder Tower Design
j. ?????????

As I said I am a mechanical engineering student my background is mainly in Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer, and Mechanical Design. I am looking for any information on this topic, especially books and other engineers that design apparatus. I know that this forum is not for "engineers" like me, but for the engineer on the apparatus, but I feel you guys/gals are the most educated on this topic. I am also putting a simmilar thread in the Emergancy Response Apparatus section. Please feel free to email me at wallda@uwplatt.edu If you know of anybody that works for a company that makes apparatus, that may be able to help me, please email me their contact information. I really appreciate all of your help!!!!!! Thanks,

Daniel Wall
University of Wisconsin