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    Question Junior Firefighter Program

    Hello, My name is Lt. Robbie Cox with the Clark's Neck Vol. Fire Department in Washington NC. Our department would like to get help in starting a Junior Firfighter Program. We need to get things like rules, or SOG's, age requirments etc. You can contact me at this e-mail address: firefighter_rob_2000@yahoo.com

    Thank you,
    Lt. Robbie Cox
    Clark's Neck VFD-25

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    I just e-mailed a copy of my department's SOG concerning Explorers.

    I recommend that you contact the Boy Scouts of America concerning establishing an Explorer Post. This is a good program, and it provides insurance for the members at a very low cost. (Actually, even though in my state an 18 yr old can become a firefighter, we recommend that they stay in the Explorer program until they are 21 because the insurance that the BSA provides is actually BETTER than the coverage provided by the state (Worker's Comp) plus our department's supplemental coverage through VFIS!)

    You should also check with your state human resources people to determine their rules concerning "child labor". Also talk to your department's attorney (or if you don't have an attorney, pay one to help you with this)to make sure that you are not exposing your department to some major liability if one of your Junior Firefighters gets hurt or is a LODD.

    Also, don't forget to set policy in regards to POV responses.

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    Actually, I started as a junior firefighter! Fantastic program. By the time I was ready to be a full-status firefighter, I already had Part 1 and 2 Firefighter (now called FFTS 200 and 400, I think), Wildland Firefighting (only one module, though), as well as the experience of responding to calls for a year. Awesome program and very rewarding. My Chief is very happy with the results of the program.

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    Default Just Wondering

    Is this what you are referring to??? Funny but when I looked into going to the Alberta Fire Training School LAST year they didn't separate the courses into Part 1 or Part 2, they were based on the NFPA 1001 series. Also, where were you a Junior Firefighter at??

    Are these the courses you've taken??

    Series ID #: FFTS-S200


    Fire Behaviour
    Building Construction I
    Building Construction II
    Building Construction III
    Fire Department Communications I

    Series ID #: FFTS-S400


    Interior Structure Fire
    Hose Cleaning Inspection
    Fire Hydrant Flow Testing
    Perform an Annual Service Test on Fire Hose
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    Maybe I'm misunderstanding your post, but what happened to the 300 and 500 series? Last I checked they were about SCBA and ventilation.

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    I would start small and start simple. And go with the BSA insurance its easy to get,easy to keep and the BSA are very helpful in getting started. If you would like my explorer posts course out line I would be happy to send it to you via snail mail. PM me with your adderes and i'll send it right out.


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    We are currently working on our explorer SOGs, I will e-mail when they get done. Where in North Carolina is Washington, I live in Winston-Salem and never have heard of it.
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