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    My name is Mike. I have been in the fire service for a year and 6 months. I am currently a junior firefighter, I am 16 years old and just passed my basic essentials class. When i recieve my certificate of completion i will be allowed to ride the truck and serve my community. I have wanted to be a firefighter all my life. But for now i just get the engine ready to roll when im around the station and an alram comes in. Like yesterday, I was heading for the station waitng on the corner when the tones dropped, I ran into the street and my minitor III got knocked off my pocket bounced about 4 times off the road i scooped it up and continued to run, now lately we had a keypad that would open engine 1's door when you hit certain numbers and enter but it got ripped off when someone who didnt know what they were doing drove the engine and damaged the engine, ripped off the keypad and that was that, so now i'm fooling around with the key to the department i finally get the door open and open the garage doors, but i havent heard anything (little did i know that my minitor got knocked to channel A where it didnt pick up jack!) so i turned around the corner and almost got trucked by two firefighters so i pulled out the plug to engine 1 opened the door and climbed in the drivers seat where i pulled the other plug out and threw it out the window. Then i ran to the back of the station and was waiting for someone to come back and get on the radio so i could set off the tones, 1 of the firefighters saw me and ran back and said "81-1 acknowledges the call 911" then i hit 101# but nothing happened so i hit # again and then i hit ##### then i hit 101# and changed the channel just in time to here the tones finish dropping lol. I think this is enough for my first Forum Thanks for your time!

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    Hi Mike!

    Take a deep breath, relax. Take another deep breath, relax.
    "This thread is being closed as it is off-topic and not related to the fire industry." - Isn't that what the Off Duty forum was for?

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    Smile Thanks

    Hey it really works

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    whoa! slow down now. I bet you are terrible on the radio. Just kidding.

    I noticed you said you are looking for acceptance.

    Go to firefighters forums. Great reading there and alot of great people.
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    Hey Mike. I am in Explorers in Alabama. Nice to meet you.

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